GPS Tracking

PORTAUTOMATION Mobile Systems utilise the latest IoT platforms for full connectivity.

Reports cargo movements, identifies operators, monitors equipment status, location and speed in real-time.

  • GPS tracking, geo fencing
  • Driver checks and authorisation
  • Equipment status and telemetry
  • Safety operation reporting
  • Automated prime mover detection
  • Drivers touch screen displays: Container work list, Pre-start check list, View work on a map, General reporting

Operator displays synchronise to the TOS with fully automated job stepping and identification.

Our mobile solutions keep the equipment operators informed, automate data flow and automatically capture key metrics. Our solutions optimise your operation and fully integrate with your TOS for Job Step automation, Geo-Fencing and other advanced features.

PORTAUTOMATION Mobile Systems are suitable for any type of Container Handling Equipment






G-POS is a position determination solution to report the equipment location, yard slot pick-up and set-down location of containers. 

G-POS can be implemented to work alongside an existing cabin mounted work terminal, or can be installed as an all-in-one tracking, reporting and work instruction solution.


V-TRAX is an automation aid to RTG container crane operators.

V-TRAX automatically steers the RTG along the container stack.