About us

International Terminal Solutions Ltd are firmly established as a leading innovator of Integrated Data Solutions, Mobile Data Systems and Port Automation with experience dating back to the 1980's. Your project will be 'right first time' and backed by the support and experience that guarantees success.

From Consultancy to Turn-Key Solutions

Whether your requirement is to get the best from your Terminal Operating System with live data from your equipment, visualise and monitor your live operations or find a solution to a bottleneck area, International Terminal Solutions Ltd offer the widest range of solutions from a single source.

We have the range of automation systems and experience to integrate a yard-wide solution for terminal operations of every size.  From consultancy and product development through to retrofits and major new yard installations we offer the same dedicated approach, combining industry experience with systems solutions expertise to bring increased throughput and quicker turnaround times.

How we got here

The roots of the company date back to 1986, when a major UK crane manufacturer established a Container Yard Control Systems division. This division provided significant terminal systems operation and engineering experience to the parent company, and the business subsequently evolved into a world-class player in the field of Port Automation.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's the present management were instrumental in developing such systems as real-time container tracking, prime mover identification and alignment systems and several other aids to terminal operators.

In 2002 a management buy-out saw the business develop the self-determination and market focus necessary to take the business forward. The business has grown steadily with completed contracts spanning the globe and an active development programme catered to the specific needs of container terminal and freight operations.

Range of Solutions

We offer a wide range of solutions and products.


  • Management live operational monitoring
  • Real-time equipment bird's eye view
  • Middleware
  • Mobile applications
  • Live performance analytics, reporting & KPIs


  • Gate automation
  • RTLS tracks progress through the operation
  • Automatic Job promotion for manual terminals
  • Automatic Job identification for automated terminals


  • Geo-fencing
  • Job step automation
  • Equipment track and monitor
  • Automated cargo location reports
  • Fully integrated on-board systems

Process Automation

  • Trailer positioning systems
  • Radio data systems
  • Mobile computing
  • Equipment automation
  • Position determination systems
  • Real-time location systems
  • Equipment operator authorisation
  • Automated job identification and promotion

Fleet Management and Control

  • Visual operational mimic
  • Track equipment in real time
  • Monitor live operations
  • Highlight bottlenecks
  • Identify unsafe operation
  • Monitor: fuel, faults, speed, running time, driver details, yard location, critical/safety issues


We've been online since 1999.
It was an era of modem dial-up tones and beige coloured computers.

Legal Information

International Terminal Solutions Limited is registered in England and Wales, registered company number 4601425.
Registered office address: 1 Princes Court, Royal Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 5XR, United Kingdom.
VAT registration number: GB 807 4422 42