RO-RO Systems

Systems to optimise RO-RO and General Cargo operations





Slave Equipment Management

In a busy RO-RO operation keeping track of your Slave Equipment can be a difficult and time consuming exercise.

SE Manager aims to simplify this process by tracking the whereabouts of all your Slave Equipment and maintaining a centralised accurate real-time database.

Tracking of the Slave Equipment is achieved by equipping each piece of equipment with a permanently mounted low cost, zero maintenance, long range, Passive type RFID Transponder. As the Slave Equipment is moved past strategic locations, such as the Link Span, the Transponder is read by the SE Manager RFID portals, with the data feeding the database. On going maintenance and management costs are low as the Transponders are powered from the RFID reader radio frequency transmission, not batteries, hence maintenance is zero.

Key benefits of SE Manager

  • The movement of the Slave Equipment across numerous terminals is difficult to track and record.
  • SE Manager provides an automatic record of SE arrival and departure from the terminal(s).
  • It is difficult to redress the Slave Equipment imbalances without a centralised monitoring method.
  • SE Manager records and reports Slave Equipment site locations.
  • Locations of Slave Equipment are not always known when maintenance/testing is due.
  • SE Manager automatically records and reports Slave Equipment usage and provides alarms when scheduled maintenance/tests are required.
  • Without track, trace and usage recording it is difficult to identify when maintenance/testing is due.
  • SE Manager allows manual data entry for individual Slave Equipment for service notes etc.

GPS Tracking

Freight and equipment tracking

For terminal operators who operate with a mixed cargo operation including containers, GPS tracking with automatic reporting of pick-up and set-down locations for freight units is a major operational benefit.

We are experienced suppliers of Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) incorporating GPS technology. It is embedded unobtrusively into the Freight Handling Equipment and automatically keeps track of every piece of mobile equipment on site. The system automatically monitors the storage and retrieval locations for every unit handled on the terminal. It is a flexible solution and can be configured to meet the specific operational needs of any terminal with various additional modules and options.

Position accuracy and visibility

The system monitors the equipment in real time and is able to calculate it’s exact location in terms of the yard co-ordinates. The system is based on multiple sensors including RTK (Real Time Kinematic) carrier phase Differential GPS (DGPS). This provides the right balance for a cost effective solution with reliability and full upgrade capability. Our tracking system is fully integrated with your existing infrastructure and systems in a way that provides high levels of transparent automation and user friendliness.

Automated cargo tracking across the terminal

RORO and general cargo terminals handle a multitude of cargo types and much of it is high value. Knowing accurately the location of the cargo on the terminal is a prerequisite to the efficient management of the vessel load and discharge cycles and consequently to efficient yard management and optimisation.

Whether it be unaccompanied trailers, vehicles, containers placed on chassis, or other cargo placed on slave equipment, the locations of the units can be automatically identified and reported using RFID.

Always know where all your unaccompanied road trailers are located

Third party road trailer drivers may not be familiar with your terminal and may park their trailers in locations other than the allotted position. This then leads to wasteful searches during time-critical vessel loads. By tagging trailers on entry to the terminal, we use an innovative system to ensure you will always know where they are parked.

The system operates with low cost RFID transponders that can be used to temporarily tag trailers or, for frequent call trailers, cost effective permanent tags can be used. Permanently tagged trailers then create the opportunity to implement an automatic priority in-gate.

Track slave equipment positions on the terminal automatically

Our innovative system to track trailer positions on the terminal will also work for slave equipment managed by the SE Manager, and you will always know the location of this equipment on the terminal.

Manage your container fleet asset

Operators that own a fleet of containers need to  manage the movement and location  of this asset. By permanently tagging each container with a low cost RFID passive transponder that lasts the life of the container. Our solutions can track the location of each container in a pre-defined network of  terminals, vessels, and key customer locations.