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WiFi Map Viewer


Locate, log and visualise WiFi issues

The PORTAUTOMATION team at International Terminal Solutions Ltd have been implementing wireless mobile solutions in ports and terminals for over 30 years. Originally using Narrowband radio, and lately using GPRS (3G and 4G) and WiFi (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) one common theme on most sites is the coverage and reliability of the wireless network.

WiFi Map Viewer has been developed to help site operators identify issues with the coverage of their site network. WiFi Map Viewer can help to improve the reliability of existing WiFi networks to optimise their operational effectiveness.

WiFi Map Viewer is a software tool that logs areas of your operational yard where there is weak or no effective coverage. It does this during the normal course of operations without the need to conduct a separate survey. It allows network engineers to identify not only that there is an issue but it provides them with a visual representation of where the issues are, and provides the means to check the effectiveness of any changes.

Key benefits


WiFi Map Viewer tracks the mobile equipment around the areas of operation and logs where the connection is good and where it is poor or non existent.


The WiFi connection is monitored, along with the channel and access point connected.


The location of good and poor coverage is mapped. The mapping data also provides other key metrics to assist in a detailed diagnosis.

How it works

The Map Viewer mobile application is installed on your existing Windows operating system based operator RDT / work display installed in any type of WiFi connected mobile equipment – such as an RTG, Straddle Carrier, Reach Stacker, or internal movement truck.

The application runs in the background gathering and logging data – position and WiFi status are sent to the server application via the existing WiFi network. When the WiFi connection is lost, data is stored locally until the connection is re-established.

Location tracking is achieved by an existing GPS device, or additional low cost GPS hardware can be installed.

In the unlikely event your existing mobile computers are not compatible, appropriate hardware can be purchased or leased from us.

The server application gathers connection status and location data from the mobile(s).
Data generated can then be examined via the Map Viewer application.

The Map Viewer application allows detailed analysis. Features include:

  • Choice of satellite maps to show your site
  • Colour coded data points to show signal strength
  • Location, signal strength, channel and access point
  • Results can be filtered for various parameters

Make evidence based decisions

Gone are the anecdotal tales of poor coverage, with WiFi Map Viewer you can take evidence-based decisions and check the effectiveness of any actions taken.


WiFi Map Viewer runs in the background of your normal operations gathering and logging data. No dedicated survey is required.


WiFi Map Viewer runs on the mobile computer used in the normal operation and is a true representation of the connectivity you are getting.


WiFi Map Viewer can run on multiple items of equipment simultaneously, quickly building up a large data sample for a cohesive picture of the network coverage.


When running on multiple items of equipment WiFi Map Viewer will highlight differences between different types of equipment and individual mobiles with poor reception.

Who would benefit from WiFi Map Viewer?

WiFi Map Viewer is a flexible tool that can be used in any environment where an outdoor wireless network exists, such as ports, terminals, and depots. It can also be used in distribution centre yards, and various other industrial operations. It is envisaged that it would be of most benefit to:

  • Technical site staff who want to proactively monitor their network, quickly diagnose issues, and keep the network at optimal performance.
  • Consulting engineers who wish to analyse and resolve issues at their clients sites.
  • Engineers deploying new systems or network extensions and wish to ensure optimal deployment.

The next step

Contact us for details on how WiFi Map Viewer can be used on your site.