Port Automation

Who is driving your equipment?
Are they authorised?

D-MON Access Control
D-MON mobile application

Ensuring your equipment operators and vehicle drivers are properly trained and authorised to use the equipment is a key step in any management safety policy. But how do you make sure that it is the trained operator that is driving, and what mechanisms can you put in place to monitor and review the safe operation of the equipment. D-MON provides the solution to help you towards a zero accident policy.

4 steps to operator safety and visibility


Prevent unauthorised, untrained operators from moving the equipment. Identify unsafe use.


Identify live who, when and where for all monitored equipment.


Utilises existing ISPS site access cards, automatically logs valid users onto the TOS.


Full audit trail, with feeds into safety management and security systems.

Want to know who’s driving?

D-MON will keep you informed

D-MON is an access and control system that uses the existing site ISPS cards and is specifically designed to identify and authorise operators of mobile equipment. 

Monitoring equipment use and ensuring only trained operatives use the equipment provides the basis for improved operational safety, efficiency and a full audit trail.

Ensure only trained drivers operate equipment

 D-MON checks and authorises approved drivers

Take control with D-MON

D-MON is specifically designed to identify and authorise the operators of Cargo Handling Equipment (CHE) and vehicles. Card readers installed on the equipment connect to the D-MON server application containing an SQL database. The operator is either authorised of denied use of the equipment.

Mobile equipment

As part of a mobile mounted system, CHE are equipped with access card readers. The data from the card is checked by D-MON and if the user is authorised they are approved to drive.


  • D-MON administrative tool set
  • D-MON Smart Phone mobile
  • D-MON mobile card reader
  • Terminal Operating Systems
  • PortSpective management operational live visualisation and KPI system
  • Various third-party systems
D-MON Access Control

Secures equipment, ensure only trained and authorised operation

Does not require separate identification, uses the site access card

Provides management with full operational visibility

Updates are centralised, does not require system update on each machine

D-MON in action

D-MON card reader captures cards, preventing operators from logging-in for other operators.

Real-time tracking and reporting

D-MON can be fitted to any kind of CHE – or any vehicle used in your port or terminal.

Equipment gets a tough time on ports and terminals. This D-MON card reader has been installed for 10 years without a single issue – but does explain why its appearance is battered and dirty. Like the Straddle Carrier it is installed on, it is in use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.