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Straddle Carrier Positioning


STRAPS – Straddle Carrier Positioning System

STRAPS is simple, highly effective solution for rapid positioning/alignment of Straddle Carriers under Ship-to-Shore [STS] cranes. Time wasted through repositioning incorrectly placed containers is eliminated.

As the Straddle Carrier approaches the STS centre-line LED indictors mounted on the STS crane provide feedback of the Straddle Carrier position. The Straddle Carrier operator simply moves and stops the Straddle Carrier as directed.  Straddle Carriers are equipped with low cost reference markers – enabling large fleets to be equipped quickly and at low cost.

STRAPS is configured to have a +/- 50 mm (100mm span) stopping position of the STS centre line. Tests prove this is easily achieved by both novice and experienced Straddle Carrier operators within a very short time. Ground marking by chalk, or by other methods, is eliminated – resulting in quayside safety improvement.

Rapid and reliable positioning performance


  • Industry proven solution
  • Works in all weathers, day & night
  • Configured for 20′, Twin 20′, 40′ and 45′ containers
  • Suitable for any type & height of Straddle Carrier, or Sprinter Carrier
  • Simple installation, commissioning and maintenance by on-site personnel
  • Positioning target +/- 50mm. Customers can adjust to suit their requirements


  • Excellent return on investment
  • Reduced quay side operational time
  • Reduced Straddle Carrier operator fatigue
  • Eliminates ground marking by quay side personnel
  • Intuitive system operation with zero training for Straddle Carrier operators
  • Customers report that both experienced and novice Straddle Carrier operators have found STRAPS highly effective

System options

  • Up to 2 x Straddle Carrier operation simultaneously under the Quay Crane
  • Back Reach operation (max 1 Straddle Carrier detected at a time)
  • Straddle Carrier presence output to Quay Crane control system
  • Straddle Carrier presence LED indicators to Quay Crane operator

The next step

Contact us for details on how STRAPS can benefit your terminal.