Automatic Steering for RTG cranes

V-TRAX is an automatic steering system for RTG cranes.

  • Automatically and accurately steers the RTG along a virtual track along the runway, preventing equipment and container collisions and subsequent damage.
  • Improves terminal safety and operator productivity, reducing fatigue and equipment maintenance.
  • Uses high precision differentially corrected GPS to locate the RTG and provide both the current position and heading.





A major contributor to RTG terminal safety






Ease of operation

With years of RTG automatic steering experience we have developed simple to use interfaces making V-TRAX easy to use. Clear signalling and audible warnings are provided to inform and advise. At all times the operator knows what the system is doing and who is steering, V-TRAX or the operator.

Heading methodology

V-TRAX uses a twin antenna calculation allowing the system to determine the heading even before the RTG starts to move. This provides a superior heading resolution allowing earlier steering corrections than most other systems and providing a smooth accurate motion for the equipment and operator alike.

single GPS antenna method
  • Unable to determine heading upon start-up.
  • Poor resolution of angle can cause over corrections and unstable motion.
  • No redundancy or system cross checking.

twin GPS antenna method
  • Better than single antenna
  • Narrow base line limits the measured resolution
  • Placing antennas on one side causes a lag in measuring the result of steering actions


  • The optimum control loop
  • Provides maximum measured resolution
  • Measures the results directly from each side without lag as it slows down and speeds up to steer
  • Able to make accurate steering decisions at all times

An avoidable expense

This manually steered RTG has collided with the stacking area.

Just a few of the impacts...

  • RTG repair downtime
  • RTG repair cost
  • Operational impact
  • Insurance claims
  • Recovery time

This situation is avoidable.