Smart solutions for ports and terminals

PORTAUTOMATION are a global provider of smart solutions for ports and terminals.
We deliver operational efficiency, improve operational processes, and promote a safer working environment and culture.
Technology to work your terminal harder, better, faster, smarter.


Rapid return

Our highly competitively priced solutions guarantee a rapid Return on Investment.

Flexible solutions

Streamline your operations with a flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your needs.

Operational efficiency

Get more from your port or terminal.


Benefit from over 25 years of experience serving the ports & terminal industry.

Solutions for all

We work with ports & terminals of all sizes and types.

Mission focused

To provide the best efficiency tools for ports & terminals.


Our solutions are the product of 25 years of completed projects in the harsh world of container terminals.

Container terminal with RTG cranes. Satellite tracking.

Position Determination Systems (PDS)

Real-time tracking and reporting of all types of Container Handling Equipment

Automatic Truck Identification

Automate truck tracking through the terminal


External truck at In Gate with 2 x tanker containers 24,000 litres of Mexican orange juice
PortSpective monitors who is operating the equipment, tracks the equipment fleet in real-time providing location, status, performance and a full audit trail.

Operational Visibility

Real-time monitoring of machine movements & operator behaviour


Trailer Positioning

Low-cost optimisation for vessel load and discharge


Trailer Positioning System on a quayside (STS) crane
Tug with slave trailer drives off RORO vessel


Systems to optimise RO-RO and General Cargo operations


Access Control

Ensure only trained and authorised operation


Operator with Straddle Carrier