Automated steering for RTG cranes

V-TRAX is a passive automated steering system and is a cost-effective solution to automatically steer an RTG crane along a container stack runway.

  • Automatically and accurately steers the equipment along a virtual track along the runway, preventing equipment and container collisions and subsequent damage.
  • Improves terminal safety and operator productivity, reducing fatigue and equipment maintenance.
  • Uses high precision differentially corrected GPS to locate the equipment and provide both the current position and heading.

V-TRAX uses a twin antenna calculation allowing the system to determine the heading even before the equipment starts to move. This provides a superior heading resolution allowing earlier steering corrections than most other systems and providing a smooth accurate motion for the equipment and operator alike.




 V-TRAX is a major contributor to terminal safety 







With years of RTG experience we have developed simple to use interfaces making V-TRAX easy to set up and configure.  The runway map can be quickly and automatically uploaded to each item of equipment using an existing wireless network or manually using a USB memory stick.




V-TRAX has a number of in-built safety devices to provide fail-safes to avoid collisions. The operator has full override control allowing manual steer at any time.

Clear signalling and audible warnings are provided to inform and advise. At all times the operator knows what the system is doing and who is steering, V-TRAX or the operator.