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Fleet Management and Control

PortSpective allows you to gain a full overview of your live operations, enhance operational productivity and optimise the utilisation of your assets.

In any busy terminal environment changes to equipment availability will impact the operational plan. To react and stay on top of the situation, PortSpective promotes collaborative live information sharing between the operational and maintenance functions and provides key decision making information in clear and concise visualised formats across departments.

PortSpective is a browser viewable management tool for port and terminal operators to view the status of the assets used in their operation. It shows the management and supervisors an overview of the entire operation on a single screen. It shows the location of all the terminal equipment, events that may affect to smooth running of the operation and the operational status of the equipment in real-time.

























Live Data

  • View the terminal operation on a live map, in real-time: in the control room, engineering office, on your desktop or on a portable device with a web browser
  • Zoom out for the entire operation
  • Zoom in to view areas of interest
  • View running, stopped and out-of-service equipment


  • Zoom to view areas of interest or follow a specific piece of equipment
  • Show loaded... or unloaded status

Status Overview

  • View the equipment operational status as an overview
  • Fuel level
  • Running hours
  • Key metrics and faults

Snail Trail

  • Snails leave trails, so does your equipment when equipped with PortSpective
  • Trails can be displayed for historic analysis

Key Performance Indicators

View live operational Key Performance Indicators...

  • Moves per hour
  • Idle time
  • Averages

Operational Safety

All container terminal operators recognise the benefits of improving operational welfare for their employees and on-site contractors.

It is without doubt that many have also adopted a proactive approach to operational safety, recognising not only the benefits to the welfare of the workers through a safer working environment, but also the additional benefits this will bring to the day to day operation by minimising disruptions and providing a more stable and predictable operating environment.

However, how do you achieve the implementation of best practice in a busy container terminal where the operation is spread over a wide area? How do you make sure that it is the trained operator that is driving, and just as importantly how do you measure the effectiveness of your accident prevention efforts? Waiting for the next accident is not an option.

Equipment Stability

Several factors contribute to equipment instability such as poor yard layout, equipment design, and the effect of individual operators. PortSpective allows instant visibility of the trends and provides differentiation between these various contributing factors.

stability trails

  • Identify areas of the yard with stability issues
  • Historically analyse events
  • Identify contributing factors - speed, load too high, operational practices


Stability alarm statistics

  • Compare equipment stability
  • Compare operator behaviour


Equipment pop-up and fault alarms

Map views, status views and historic analysis screens have a range of warnings and equipment status information.


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