Automatic Truck Identification

Optimise operational performance and remove data entry errors with TRUCK-ID.

TRUCK-ID will automatically identify an internal or external truck within your terminal.

  • Automatically monitor the progress through the terminal
  • Automatically identify what is coming in and out of the terminal
  • Automatically identify what truck is being handled by the Container Handling Equipment

Passive RFID technology

TRUCK-ID uses passive RFID technology. Transponders (commonly known as Tags) are fitted to the internal and external trucks. These Tags require no internal power source, instead they are powered by the electromagnetic energy transmitted from the RFID reader.

Passive RFID tags have no planned maintenance requirement, and do not suffer with the long range of battery powered RFID - this makes it less complex to discriminate between one tag and the next (for example: detecting one truck, or all the trucks in a queue).

The ultra-low cost of Passive windscreen tags for external trucks make a financially viable fit and forget solution. This allows a terminal to equip thousands of street trucks for a fully automated gate and yard solution.

The benefits of TRUCK-ID with Passive RFID technology:

  • No tag internal power source required
  • Open international standards for wider deployment possibilities
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Zero maintenance

External Trucks

A Tag is attached to the windscreen on the first visit to the Terminal, or mailed to the trucking company. Once attached the Tag is permanent and cannot be removed without destruction.

Each tag has a unique identification, however additional data can be loaded and encrypted - such as licence plate number, fleet number, etc.

The Tags are a self-adhesive design that stick permanently to the truck windscreen. Once attached, the Tags cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Customised tag printing is available.

Size: 100 x 25 mm (4 x 1 in).

Internal Trucks

Internal trucks are fitted with permanently mounted tags. Robust to military standards. Tamperproof. Fit and forget.

Size: 175 x 75mm (7 x 1 in).

Capture locations

TRUCK-ID can be configured to capture truck identity at any location on the terminal. 

  • Gate - entry and/or exit
  • Weigh Stations
  • Road lanes - entry and/or exit of stack lanes
  • Quay Crane - both truck and lane location data is captured
  • Container Handling Equipment - RTG, RMG, ASC, Straddle Carrier
  • External truck turnaround times - monitor terminal entry/exit points
  • Any other way-point
Quay Cranes
Straddle Carrier

Flexible solution

TRUCK-ID can be configured with any combination of functionality for your terminal's needs.

  • Truck types: Internal only, external only or both
  • Capture locations: a single location type, or any combination of Gate, Weigh Station, Road lanes, Container Handling Equipment or any other way-point.

Industry proven

TRUCK-ID is industry proven, here is a case study showing TRUCK-ID in use.

PSA Panama International Terminal is located at the entrance to the Panama Canal and provides an important port of call for shipping lines. Recent expansion has included state-of-the-art automation with 12 Automatic Stacking Cranes. One key element is ensuring the smooth interaction between the manually operated trucks and the fully automatic yard cranes. A critical part of this process is to ensure that the truck arriving at the unmanned yard crane is the correct truck for the planned move issued by the Terminal Operating System.

TRUCK-ID provides automated job hand-off between the container truck and the Automatic Stacking Cranes (ASC).

The next step

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