A secure environment for mobile equipment

D-MON is an access and control system specifically designed to identify and authorise operators of port equipment.

Monitoring equipment use and ensuring only trained operatives use the equipment provides the basis for improved operational safety, efficiency and a full audit trail.

Mobile equipment is equipped with a D-MON card reader - the data from the card is authorised by the D-MON database.

System features

  • Monitor and authorise mobile equipment operators
  • Restrict equipment access to qualified operators
  • Full audit trail of who, when and what
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Existing access cards can be used

Suitable for any situation

  • Stand alone
  • Network linked via existing Wi-Fi or crane network
  • Linked to existing operator's RDT
  • An optional feature as part of G-POS or PortSpective

At the heart of the system is a software application containing a database of users, equipment and various authorisation levels and parameters.
D-MON can be connected to Human Resources system, PortSpective, a Terminal Operating System or an ERP.