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International Terminal Solutions Limited

We are system solution providers for shipping ports and container terminals.


Our solutions provide you with full operational visibility. Track and trace your Container Handling Equipment, feed your Terminal Planning System with real-time data, increase efficiency at the Quayside, enable you to control and monitor your fleet… and more.

Benefit from our experience

Our solutions are the product of 25 years of completed projects in the real world of container terminal operations.

what we do

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking for Container Handling Equipment. Know where everything is, all the time.

Automatic Truck Identification

Track trucks throughout the Terminal with low cost, zero maintenance RFID transponders.

Live Operational Visibility

Real time monitoring of all assets. Watch live, replay, discover bottlenecks, measure performance.

Trailer Positioning

Speed up Quay Crane operations with our simple, straight-forward system.

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